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Grain Dryer

Nairn Grain Dryer

Need precise & easy control of your grain dryer systems?

Made for precise easy control of grain dryer systems, for silo or floor drying installations.

  • Control multiple drying fan and burner combinations.
  • Consultation, designed and built to your specifications.
  • Supply and install or supply only.

What you get and features:

  • Supply of shed and duct temperature and humidity sensors.
  • No air flow fault protection.
  • Duct overtemperature lock out.
  • Fault diagnostics screen.
  • Fan run on timer function.
  • Running timer.
  • Stirrer timer function, if applicable.
Nairn Grain Dryer

We decided on a grain drying system and needed someone to complete the electrical work. Our first and only call was to Nairns. They confirmed they had developed a grain drying system that sounded exactly like what we wanted.

The system has a heap of protection which means we can set it running over night and not worry about it.

Chambers Farming

All faults are clearly displayed on screen and saved in the inbuilt log. This makes it easy for operators to find system faults and get you back up and running.

The Nairn Grain Dryer Controller can give you a live read out and history of shed and duct, temperature and humidity: