The Leeston branch have relocated to 28 Station Street, Leeston.

Motor Supply & Service

Nairn Motor Supply & Service

Don’t scrap your old motor, it may be repairable.

Bearings worn-out or noisy?
Overgreased bearings?
Submerged or wet motor?
Let the experienced Nairn Electrical team clean and rebuild your motor.

What we do:

  • Test to see if the motor is repairable
  • Strip and clean
  • Wash and bake in drying oven
  • Bearing replacement
  • Reassemble motor
  • Run on test bench

We can also offer:

  • End shield replacements
  • Fan replacement
  • Fan cover replacement
  • Rain hat installs or replacement
  • New motors from leading brands
Nairn Motor Supply & Service

If it’s not viable to repair the motor, we can supply a replacement – give us a call to find out more.