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LED Lighting for Dairy Farms

Nairn LED Lighting for Dairy Farms

Ever thought about upgrading to LED lighting?
Tired of not having enough light available?

Reduce maintenance costs and increase efficiency with LED lighting from Nairn Electrical.

Suitable for multiple applications:

  • Dairy shed lighting
  • Centre high bay fittings
  • Yard lighting
  • In-shed lighting
  • Workshops and implement sheds

Why use LED lighting:

  • Instant LED light, no need to wait for lamps to warm up
  • Energy saving, about half the power consumption than fluorescent lights
  • Longer life span than florescent fittings
  • Minimal heat produced from LED fittings
  • Reduce lighting maintenance costs
  • Greater light output
  • Environmentally friendly
Nairn LED Lighting for Dairy Farms

Incandescent, fluorescent and discharge lighting are being phased out. Parts are getting harder to come by.

Get ahead of the game with a LED lighting upgrade for your shed from Nairn Electrical.