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Effluent Manager

Nairn Effluent Manager

Do you want:
To ensure even distribution of effluent?
To take the manual labour out of effluent distribution?
Proof of placement and GPS mapping?

Take the hassle our of pivot effluent distribution with the Nairn Effluent Manager.

How it works:

  • Nairn Effluent Manager is mounted on the pivot, with GPS positioning, controlling 2-10 discharge sprinklers
  • Using the Effluent Manager, the system dispenses effluent efficiently, avoiding fixed exclusion zones
  • This is achieved by constantly cycling between all guns available
Nairn Effluent Manager

Nairn Effluent Manager is providing us reliability, allowing us to get on with our day without worrying about it and we’re achieving a lot more.

David Croft, Dairy Farmer
Amuri Basin, Culverden

Contact Nairn Electrical for a good robust effluent system that provides proof of placement and control of your effluent.